At Arborjet, our delivery systems are world-renowned for their ease of use and ability to deliver a broad range of pest control, disease control, and nutritional products.

AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD

SOIL INJECTOR DESIGNED FOR ACCURATE & REPEATABLE DOSING The AccuFlo® Soil Injector ISD is the latest in Arborjet’s product application technology; delivering precise and repeatable dosing at twice the pressure, and half the weight of competitor devices. A versatile, portable, and intuitive system for all of your soil injection, drench, and foliar spray application needs. Why […]


        F12 – (070-0055) F12 Pro – (070-0058) F18 – (070-0065) F18 Pro – (070-0068) FSeries User Manual FSeries Sales Sheet  FSeries Cap Assembly Exploded View & Parts List The FSeries TREE I.V. micro-infusion® system is the most advanced injection method ever developed. Designed for maximum speed, accuracy, and ease – the FSeries […]


QUIK-jet AIR® – (070-2350) QUIK-jet AIR Brochure QUIK-jet AIR Manual QUIK-jet AIR Exploded View & Parts List Simply Productive. The QUIK-jet AIR is the latest weapon in the war against tree insects and diseases. Its innovative design combines the simplicity of the popular QUIK-jet and power of the VIPER Air Hydraulic systems to create a lightweight, […]

QUIK-jet Kit

QUIK-jet® Kit – (070-2252) QUIK-jet Kit Sales Sheet QUIK-jet Exploded View & Parts List Fast. Affordable. Effective. The QUIK-jet is a cost effective injection tool designed for lower dose applications, and can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assess tree health and vascular activity. The QUIK-jet kit is a good starter kit for […]

Supersonic Air Knife

The Supersonic Air Knife line of handheld tools uses high pressure air to dig trenches, remove compacted soils and locate utilities. Their unique MACH 1.7 air speed allows the removal of even the most compacted soils without damaging tree roots, irrigation, or power lines. The product is also used in rescues where soils may have [...]

TREE I.V. 2-Pack Kit

TREE I.V. 2-Pack Kit – (070-0012) Our most versatile injection system. For coniferous and hardwood trees. High volume, low pressure, can be used with mixable products. A perfect starter kit. TREE I.V. PRO Kit – (070-0038) Designed for high dosage applications in all tree sizes and types. All the components you need for high production, […]